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As a leading provider of musical education, we take pride in offering the best music lessons in most musical instruments. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

Each student is evaluated and goals are set according to their skills AND what THEY want out of playing. I am Classically trained for many years so I encourage learning pieces such as Sonatinas and Etudes and various forms of works from Virtuoso Pianist along with MANY other pieces! I have good library of works to choose from.
Sometimes students want to learn Pop, Country, Jazz, or other different styles and I ENCOURAGE it! If that's what keeps you motivated then those types of rewards are used. The goal in our studio is to learn the piano - techniques, theory, sight reading, etc. AND HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT!!
The art of piano is a skill that can help improve the individual in so many ways - self confidence, math and reading, poise, social acceptance, just to name a few. I have NEVER heard an individual say "I wish I never learned to play the piano". Many adults say just the opposite and choose to take lessons now! There are programs I use that are geared towards the later beginner along with other programs that are geared towards the adult who "still plays a little" or "took lessons when I was younger".
Students may start lessons at a very early age and parent involvement is essential to this process. All children are born with a natural "rhythm" inside them and this must be encouraged and reinforced through song and dance to help that child to develop to their true potential.
Students may also start at a later age and this does not "hinder" their learning! Some individuals need to realize that this is a commitment that needs attention almost every day. The rewards you get out of our program is largely based on the time you put into it - as with anything in life!
The extra programs that I have available in the studio help to make this a truly enjoyable experience for all. I LOVE music - all kinds of music and I try to keep learning as much as I can - whether it be through the organizations I belong to (the MTNA) or through just reading an interesting article or book on music and different techniques used by different composers. I use everything I can to help each individual to their fullest potential!! Some of my students are so amazing I want to share them with the world!!
I do have a background in HDFS - Early Childhood Education, so I am a teacher down to my very soul. I have many job experiences that have helped me to develop the studio you see today. I have been an art teacher, a pre-school teacher, a waitress, a telemarketer, a florist, an office manager, a homemaker, a mom (still am!), and have been teaching piano for 11 years now - (and not particularly in that order)!! I come from a musical family and it just seems that music has always been around me - in various forms and I want each student to be able to "see" that music is all around them too......
I am always looking into new programs that I can add to our studio and I hope that I can encourage a few more musicians to keep the music with them always......